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Our Team

The Best in the Business

Rock Salt is a consortium of three seasoned creators, whose individualistic ideologies, passion for creativity and love for the cinematic expression has led them to work together.

Our work embodies the intrinsic qualities and essence of Rock Salt.

Rock Salt’s unique character is true to its name, just as the salt’s presence may not be felt but its absence can make all things tasteless… we work without noise, seamlessly upholding the highest production standards while continuing to maintain the passion for our craft. We are deeply oriented towards serving our clients’ needs and measure customer-satisfaction levels in order to determine the success of our business.

Customising films for our clients’ unique requirements gives us a trance like creative high. Not bound by geographic location, we work across regions and countries and across varied industries and sectors as well. Based out of Mumbai, we also have offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai in South, while in Northern India we hold fort in Jaipur and rest of Rajasthan. On the international front we have a firm foothold in Thailand and USA, with a growing presence in UAE.

Our expertise focuses on precision and detailing every aspect of film making be it ideation, scripting, shooting, execution, editing, strategy making, Pre –production, productions or post production.

We act like a preservative that truly holds on to the flavor of a script. Just like when you chop some fresh herbs, the salt will extract the moisture while preserving the true flavor… 

Pooja Pahuja

Producer & Founder


A seasoned ad film producer, Pooja Pahuja began her journey with Nimbus Television as a freelance Executive Producer. She has produced talk show called “Daayare” on DD1 which spoke about women’s social and economic issues, worked with UTV, was an Executive Producer on Zee TV for a very popular countdown show called “BPL Oye”.

Associated with more than a hundred films, Pooja also carries on her experienced shoulders the passion of interior designing, with art as her forte. She is the founder and co-owner of leading prop shop which has presence in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Having worked on several various international projects, Pooja has always been highly respected by not only her peers but also her clients, who have fondly labeled her the “epitome of creativity and perfection”.

Altaf Khan

Creative Head, Producer & Photographer


Altaf Khan’s decision to pursue photography was as instant as his first camera, a Polaroid SX-70. A man of few words, his pictures speak a thousand pixels. Featured in magazines like the Lurzer’s Archive, Elle Décor, he primarily shoots advertising campaigns for leading multinational brands. He has worked on many international projects.

Nominated twice at the Cannes, he is a winner of the prestigious Gold World Medal Award and Grand Award at the New York Festival. Winner of distinguished international awards, he has also won the spectacular Silver Award at Asia Pacific Ad Festivals known for its creativity. His work has not only been acknowledged but is recognized and appreciated highly.

Producer & Director of Digital


Born into a business family, Priti completed her graduation form Kolkata. Soon she joined the family business of textiles and garments. Having a marketing experience of over 20 years and after studying Digital Media at the London College of Communications, she currently runs a digital media agency which offers coherent and bespoke solutions to different brands and businesses.

Believing in creativity, ideas, out of the box thinking and backed by a strong team of professionals, Priti is committed to her work to come up with innovative ideas and providing a high standard of execution and satisfaction to each client.

Priti Jain

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